Bill Frank

bill frankBill Frank is owner and president of TBEggert Insurance. He is licensed and experienced in selling Property, Casualty and Life Insurance since 2007.

He is also the President and Owner of TravelBrokers and has almost 40 years experience in the travel industry. Bill started TravelBrokers in the Spring of 1988 and have grown his company to what it is today. He also handles the groups and meeting / incentive travel division.

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Jack Eggert

jackpixJACK EGGERT, CIC, joined the Eggert Agency in 1965. Starting as a part-time Claims handler, he has worked at every job position in the agency.

Currently, Jack's title is Agency Director and his time is divided between Commercial Lines Sales and Agency Administration. He earned the Certified Insurance Counselor Designation in 1979 and the Certified Risk Manager Designation in 1999. He says, " I enjoy talking with prospects and clients, helping to create the exact insurance policy to match each one's requirements".

When not at work, Jack lives with his wife Sherri, on their farm outside Grant Park, Illinois.

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Sherry Bult

sherry pixSherry Bult came from Seattle, Washington, with a background of managing an insurance agency, and joined the TBEggert Insurance staff in 1995. As an Agent/Producer, she initiates sales of Personal Lines insurance, such as Auto, Home, Boat, Motorcycle and Health & Life. She also sells Commercial Insurance such as Business Packages, Worker's Compensation and Group Life & Health. Sherry says that Customer Service is her biggest priority. "I want to let my clients know that their questions and concerns are worth my time and attention". She enjoys interrelating with people of all ages, nationalities and educational backgrounds. "It is my pleasure to help people care for their insurance needs".

When not working Sherry enjoys being with her husband, 6 children and 5 grandchildren.

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Sandy Poshek

sandypSandy Poshek is a Customer Service Rep and licensed Agent for Personal and Commercial clients. She started in the insurance business in 1962, working for Prudential Insurance Co. After 10 years with Prudential, she took time off to raise a family and got back into the insurance business in 1985, working for two different agencies until 1993, when she joined the TBEggert Insurance staff. Along with her insurance licensing, Sandy is also a licensed Notary Public.

She lives in Lansing and enjoys traveling and visiting with family in her spare time.

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Jennifer Michalowski

jennifer michalowskiSince you clicked on my name, you must want to know a little about me. My name is Jennifer Michalowski and I have been employed at TravelBrokers since March 2013. I started on the travel side of the company until the opportunity of becoming an insurance agent became available. I have been an insurance agent for a little over 2 years. I look forward to working with all my clients every day.

Martha Rincon

martha webI am self-motivated, organized, ambitious, focused and self-disciplined.
I have over 15 years of experience in the insurance industry.
Degree in Business Management/Entrepreneurship, and
completed all the requirements of the Insurance Underwriting Associate Program
I have a Property, Casualty, Life, Accident and Health insurance license
Strong analytical and decision-making skills.
Excellent communication, networking, marketing and collaboration skills evidencing public speaking and presentation experience.
Ability to develop and maintain relationships with customers, producers and trading partners.
Fluent in Spanish.
Strong technical skills with Microsoft Office and other relevant systems.